About Cornelius Okumu

A graduate of Bellevue University with a bachelor’s degree in information systems, Cornelius Okumu currently studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln toward his master’s in community and regional planning and a minor in statistics. During this time, he has leveraged his skills in statistical computing and reasoning for medical and social studies. Recently, Cornelius Okumu completed a project correlating the administration of anti-retroviral drugs and the levels of urine constituents and parameters of HIV patients.

Alongside his studies, Cornelius Okumu has served as a student assistant in educational media at the university. In this position, he managed and analyzed orders and tracked sales inventories, as well as supplied the office with daily IT maintenance for its software and hardware. Now he works as an intern planner at JEO Consulting Group.

Cornelius Okumu’s prior experience includes several years with PayPal, Inc., an eBay company headquartered in Nebraska. During his time with the company, he performed services such as repairing merchant payment gateways, providing programming and technical support for eBay and PayPal merchants, and training agents.


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